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Trade Show Training Programs

When you think of event marketing what image springs to mind? If you are like most people we ask, you probably thought of a trade show. But, event marketing also includes consumer shows, mall exhibits, professional conferences, hospitality events and road shows. What do they all have in common? Each gives you the opportunity to meet your customers and clients face to face.

Technology has taken us away from one-on-one interactions, an important part of business relationships. People still want to do business with real people, people they trust, people they feel positive about, people with whom they have established rapport.

Trade shows and events are still counted as the number one way of reaching customers and establishing the connections that are needed to engage in long-term business. But building a relationship in the normal business environment takes one set of skills doing it at a trade show requires another.

Whether you are a company, an association, show manager or government we have many training solutions to meet your budget and needs. Whether you choose a 30-minute DVD for a sales meeting , a 60-minute CD for your sales force to listen when they're on the road or a customized in-house workshop - we have a solution for you.

Our workshops are customized to your specific sector or industry, your particular challenges and the show you plan to attend. All of our workshops are fast-paced, interactive and motivational; they're designed to provide the best opportunity to learn new relevant skills. Our workshops give you the methods to ensure stellar results for your marketing efforts.

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For more information on our trade show training programs, please contact Barbara Siskind.